You're good. I have loaded your CD to my IPOD. I have now heard it three times and each time I hear different things. Since I have a hearing deficit, I have to turn it up to catch all the lyrics but I'm getting there. I really like the instrumentation. I bet it was really fun to work with those guys. Let's have a party when you hit the million sales number. (:
Phil Q

Hi Frank,
This music's a blast!
I'm wishing that I had liner notes so I could see who you played with, instruments, mics, etc.
Are you selling this as a hard copy as well? Going on tour to promote? Need a back-up band?... I know a guy that plays a respectable 12 string and is ready to be a full time musician. :-)
Marc C

Hi Frank,
Good to hear from you.
I guess now I know a famous person.
All the best,
ps. thanks for the music

Paul G
Eric wrote: "You rock Frank Van Dinther, don't stop :)"
Oh wow! That is so great Frank! I want to buy it when you are done.
Jackie F
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